The ONE Thing I Know To Be True About Soul Brand Marketing

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Hmmmmmm… you turn the volume up and listen to that smooth voice of Barry White singing some R’n B Soul. Yummmeeeee. The flow of the melody and orchestration of words fill your soul and you’re a little consumed for 3 minutes with a gazillion positive emotions and thoughts. This is soul music, whether it is from Otis Redding, Etta James, Aretha Franklin or Tony Braxton. It’s smooth, serving, delectable. Soul. It’s like your persona and soul come full circle and fuse and are one. You feel high. Happy. Content. You sway and bob your head in unison with the beat of the music.

Perfect harmony really. That’s how soul brand marketing should feel.

It flows, bobs, sways, orchestrates and tickles the soul.


The “soul” isn’t something I’m referring to from RnB music, where “soul” is mostly used and felt. Nope. The Soul I’m referring to here is your inner Wisdom – perhaps even your Intuition. It’s your Soul energy and vibration that attracts your Soul clients. It’s distinctively knowing and being within yourself and using this wisdom within your Brand Marketing, as one cannot exist without the other in a business, or at least, it cannot exist over a long-term profitably.

I am not a healer or clairvoyant, but I do possess talents to channel into my Soul Clients higher-self Vortex, in order to Brand their Soul. Which is why I only work with my Soul Clients, and not “anybody”. I am able to see the version of you, your “Titan-self”, that you cannot see right now, and I not only call it forward and Brand it for you, I also offer the Brand Marketing to market your Brand.

I’ve been in business long enough to know that Soul needs Brand Marketing and vice versa. Your Soul has a rhythm of its own, it beats to a different drum to our emotional “human-self”, and often managing these two entities is a mission in itself. Discerning between your soul-self and human-self and mindset is a habit, that once installed creates Mastery. But it does require practice.

As a heart-centered business using “soul” wisdom, we are often lead by our intuition-vibrations-energy to ideas WITHIN our time lines, that will further our dreams-visions and purpose. However, all those ideas need to be put into action, otherwise it stays in our minds or in our journals with no success. And in order for you to get your message out to the world and your soul clients you need Brand Marketing. The one supports the other.


How often have you just KNOWN something to be true, but didn’t have the facts to back-up your suspicion?
Well this is how it was, working in a corporate environment as a Spiritual Brand marketer. I remember so clearly the meetings day-in-and-day-out with management and teams. We’d be given the go-ahead to create campaigns based on the facts and figures from vice presidents. I’d leave the meetings with a queasy feeling in my gut. Like I KNEW that what was being created wasn’t going to work – that there was something missing. Because I wasn’t able to “prove” what my gut feeling was feeling queasy about, I just went with the flow, although deep down I knew, that all the time and effort we were to invest wasn’t going to work profitably.

I suppose the feeling is kind of like this continuing debate between God and Science.
How one does or doesn’t exist because one can be seen and the other cannot.
Facts and figures can be seen – gut feelings can’t.

Which isn’t to say, that I didn’t follow my gut feelings at times. I did. It wasn’t always appreciated and often scorned, but I stuck to what I believed to be true, despite the critics. With the end results ALWAYS being, that doing things the conventional way, landed up flopping, and what my gut feeling would tell me, would triumph.

It was here that I’d realised that Soul Brand Marketing was anything BUT fluffy. It was all-powerful and all profitable, to those who were able to recognise and use it effectively. This is when I recognised the beauty of combining not only conventional marketing, but soul marketing and psychology and how all of these worked together in harmony.

Doing brand marketing with soul, does in no way de-value the credibility of the marketing implemented. It does in fact give it more substance and purpose. Because we ALL know that a lot of money is great to buy “stuff”, but in the end, the void will always remain, when you ask yourself: “what is the point of all this money, when I’m not able to fulfil some kind of purpose or higher meaning as to why I was put here on earth”.

The success lies in being able to make a profit using your soul brand marketing, because after all, a heart-centred business IS allowed to earn profits just as much as a conventional business.


So what’s the difference you ask?

In short it’s summed up in three words: Purpose over Profit.

Fact is: marketing is marketing. You study to learn about marketing. The finance, the strategy, the economics, the communications and price strategies. Marketing IS vital for your business. Without it, things like Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook or Google would never have made any money. Because “just” having an idea without execution is summed down to just day-dreaming.

Now in conventional marketing, the business will put Profit over Purpose. In other words, you work with ANY client in ANY market because you have the point of view that your product and/or service is for EVERYONE. You avoid segmenting in your market or doing things like demo-and psychographics. Conventional marketing tends to take place in businesses where there are a lot of employees – family or stock market owned. Employees are more of a number than an asset (Disclaimer: This is a generalisation).

Campaigns are executed with a strict budget and high ROI.
There are always time frames.
High manufacturing, high output.
Always supplying the demand by hiring and firing.
You have a job description and you do everything on that description – as well as that of your assistant, team colleagues and whoever else ‘in case they’re sick or leave’ so that you can overtake/see those projects too – without a pay raise.
Passion is desired – sometimes required – but never rewarded.
Kind of ‘1984’ and rigid. Despite the times we live in.
Millennials are shunned and shoved.
Gen X’s are drilled to please everyone and
Baby boomers attempt to just do their best and get by to pay the bills.

Soul brand marketing uses every part of marketing – the 5P’s, communications, organisation, finance etc. with the difference that the Marketing is more intuition-based. Aaaand we put Purpose over Profit. In other words, is what I’m doing serving and fulfilling my Purpose? If yes, then all’s well and money flows where my energy goes.

There is more focus on working with Soul clients rather than any client. Working with a soul client means that you enjoy your work, because BOTH parties are benefiting from your service and you from your clients exponential growth. The market is sought-out specifically because you want to ensure that your product and/or service that you’re selling are really of interest to that market AND to you. Selling to anyone and everyone isn’t on top of your list, what is on your list, is ensuring that whatever you’re putting out to the world is serving them and ensuring that their lives are changed and you’re making changes not only with yourself but with the world around you, to make it a better place.


Being a Soul brand marketer or at least a heart-centred business, implementing Soul Brand Marketing isn’t for the faint hearted. Reason being, is that you work daily with MINDSET, ENERGY, VIBRATIONS, INTENTIONS and PURPOSE – or what I call your ME-VIP. 
You’re constantly being worked on emotionally and mentally, your Purpose is tried and tested, and you’re constantly climbing that mountain to reach the peaks of success.

The BIGGEST challenge for any Entrepreneur is attracting clients to serve them with your products and/or services. But what happens when you’re NOT attracting clients?

This would have to do with one or all of the following:

  1. You’re ahead of your timeline
  2. Your product and/or service isn’t refined for your soul client
  3. Your home and workspace is cluttered with old energy leaving you and your energy cluttered
  4. You’ve got limiting beliefs that hold your successes back. For example you want to open your business but you’re telling yourself you’re not “good enough/clever enough/wise enough/fit enough” etc. These limiting beliefs stem from root causes that are planted in your sub-conscious and which can be busted with a few Time Line Therapy® sessions and before you know it – whoop-de-schwoop you’ve got new limiting beliefs that SERVE you rather than HINDER you
  5. You’re not speaking your soul client’s language – you’re seeing your point of view from yours and not theirs
  6. Branding isn’t always everything but it can certainly put one off if it’s totally crappy and salesy and sleazy
  7. You’re just scatter-brained and throwing out sales messages all the time instead of fulfilling a purpose – you’re putting profit over purpose
  8. You’re executing your campaigns from a place of FEAR: Perhaps you have debt and you NEED money – so you’re vibrating fear energy into your sphere and energy flows where focus goes… focus on lack and you will certainly receive it
  9. You have no VISION for your Brand – you’re just winging it

Just like the SOUL MUSIC that you’ll be listening to i.e. music that moves your soul, you also want your soul brand marketing to be … MOVING YOUR SOUL CLIENTS SOUL. Because when your soul is moved, it shifts a notch higher towards your higher self and spiritual growth and development. Opening and expanding your horizon of dreams to be fulfilled and action to take.

This is the space where visionaries, leaders and free spirits are enticed to move forward and change the world – starting from the inside out. Executing Soul Brand Marketing is easier than you may think and it does involve you giving up that “control-freak” nestled in you. Which is probably the hardest part, because OMG, if you give up control what are all the things that could go wrong? …oh my dear soul, but what if everything could go right and you learn to fly?

To sum-up, your Soul + Brand Marketing go hand-in-hand for your heart-centred business.
You can feel into your soul and its message – get Visions, open portals and think up BIG dreams… however, Ideation without Execution is Disruption (as Robin Sharma would say)…

So the one thing I know to be true about Soul Brand Marketing, is that it exists.
It’s on the rise with heart-centred Entrepreneurs and it needs to executed properly by putting Purpose Over Profit.

I’d love to hear what heart-centred business you run and how you’re finding your Soul Brand Marketing. Just leave me a comment below.


6 Responses

  1. This is a phenomenal article with so many important affirmations and reminders. Entrepreneurship is certainly not for the faint of heart, but connecting with your soul clients really makes it all beautifully worth it. I believe its one of the best ways to stay grounded about what’s really important. This is a brilliant must-read for anyone starting out in business – especially the exact focuses to hone in on / bullet points as to what could be keeping you from attracting clients.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are 100% correct that Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. There are so many up’s and down’s. And the courage and will power to keep pushing through is immense.

  2. Thank you for this gentle reminder. I suppose this extremely crucial for us women entrepreneurs to be guided with our soul’s vision rather than sticking to the 10 step process. I am also glad to see a new wave of marketing and branding experts rising up to create this shift. Good job! 🙂

    1. What works for the goose won’t work for the gander. It’s a movement of Soul Entrepreneurs and those that feel called to run a heart-centred business will see that their soul vision or purpose is greater than the profits, however equally important. xxx

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