How To Build Your Know-Like-Trust Factor For Your Soul Brand Today

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You hear it all the time from Marketers: Know-Like-Trust.

That is, in order for your customers to buy something from you, you need to build a certain level of Know-Like-Trust (KLT). Google the longtail keyword: How To Build Know Like Trust and the Google-machine will spit you out an array of examples:

  1. Be Visible to get KNOWN using Communications such as
    1. Blogging
    2. Social Media
    3. Networking
    4. Webinars
  2. Integrate top-notch customer service: punctual, no BS, truth, high quality
  3. Be consistent


And all of the articles are spot-on. Only, what most articles offer are „surface-help“. Kind of like skimming a book you need to write a Thesis on.

You just get the keywords, and you need to put 1+1 together to create a good enough conclusion. Today, I want to go into depth about KLT…


As Julie Andrews would sing in The Sound Of Music, we need to start at the beginning. Let’s go through together the stages of building a relationship to achieve this „KLT“. Ready?

  1. Intention: You may not know this, but often we’ll throw it out „there“ that we’re looking for a friend-or relationship. Or in our case, someone to help us with our business dilemma. Usually we ask for a „sign“. For example, you’ll put it out there that you require help with marketing your brand or you’ll put it out there that you’re seeking direction on where to find a mentor.
  2. Attraction: This is where the sign suddenly comes to life. Where this happens is either exactly as we imagined or hoped for it to be or a surprise nonetheless. Perhaps you’re reading a comment off someone’s blog or social media post, and it answers your questions you’d been asking. Suddenly alarm bells go off and you’re intrigued. Or you may be at a family or friends gathering or in a store, when you overhear or meet someone who happens to fit the description that you’re looking for.
  3. Curiosity: You want to know more. So you start researching (or for some innocently cyber-stalking someone). You check out someone’s business page, personal page, perhaps send a friend request on social media. Perhaps they have a blog that you can read up on, perhaps a lead magnet you can download. Heck! Maybe they even have a Facebook or LinkedIn Group (online) or offline network meetings where you can join and get to know the person.
  4. Enlightenment: This is where the light bulbs go off. Epiphanies and Serendipitous moments. You realize that you have so much in common with whomever you’re being curious about. You share similar values and beliefs, lifestyles, habits… there’s a connection on a Soul Level. You start warming up to this person and are more receptive to what this person is teaching about.
  5. Courting: Here you start to trust to introduce yourself personally and form a relationship. There’s a soul connection and both you and the person can feel it. It’s mutual.
  6. Honeymoon: You’ve struck up contact and have started to build a friend- or relationship. You trust yourself to speak your mind/opinion without offending or holding back. Trust has been formed.
  7. Trust: This is where you want to support and where possible also purchase products and/or services from this person.

Disclaimer: I’ve kept this K-L-T buying model very simplified …Download Free InfoGraphic



Cool bananas… so now we understand that there’s a process to building a relationship with your Soul Client. And you need to keep in mind that this may take a week, a few months, perhaps even years, depending on the „monetary value“ of your product and/or service.

Now who are you building a relationship WITH? At BrandSashka we’re all about your SOUL CLIENTS. Without them, you can pack up shop and close down. Soul Clients are the ones that are going to buy your products and/or services…so be sure to know them inside-out.

For clarification: Most Marketers refer to the client or consumer as a „target audience“ within a „target market“. Here at BrandSashka, we work with Soul Clients…the difference you’ll find below.

When building a relationship with an AUDIENCE, it’s like standing up on a soap box and speaking your message to the world. I.e. You and them.

When building a relationship with a SOUL CLIENT, you’re off the Soap Box and amongst the crowd – it’s an US world and you’re working on a soul level. There’s more of a connection. Like when you meet someone and you’re like „OMG! It’s like we’ve know each other forever!“ …



Ok let’s get down to the REASON WHY…


Tell me something, which do you prefer?

Option A: Salesmen that come to your door where you feel obligated to buy whatever crap they’re selling?


Option B: Setting an intention that you’re looking for a company that won’t confine you but teach you what you need to learn or deliver you products that’ll benefit you, and purchase the products and/or services because you WANT to rather than HAVE to.

Option A: This isn’t an „easy“ task to do, being a salesman. Learning to sell a product all on the features and benefit. You need a good dose of self-confidence to stand in front of a prospective customer and sell. But as mentioned above about Soul Clients vs. Audience. A salesman isn’t really selling to a Soul client but to an audience. It’s all about me and you. There’s not choice. And absolutely NO time to build a KLT relationship. It’s just a „wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am“.

Option B: This is ALL about CHOICE. Period. Your Soul Client can sign-up for your freebie, cyber-stalk you (in a good way), to find all the information they need to fend off cognitive dissonance before and after purchasing your products and/or services. And there’s no feeling guilty about buying something because the decision process wasn’t forced on me. There was a KLT process to getting to know one-another and build a relationship.

Information a Soul Client will look for is:

  1. Facts,
  2. The pro’s and con’s,
  3. The successes/failures,
  4. Testimonials,
  5. Portfolio,
  6. Pictures (my God don’t forget the pictures!) …

They need it all…

Now if you need some scientific research **ahem** (me being a smarty-pants now)… this is how our brains work during a BUYING DECISION. There are THREE Triggers:



When you like something, you FEEL warm/fuzzy/attraction. And of course the opposite should you not like something. Obviously, when you feel the former feelings, you’re more inclined to want to learn more about that something, because it’s activated the nucleus accumbens, which is associated with the anticipation of pleasure. Say for example, you’re inquiring about a holiday trip for you and your family. And you stumble across a holiday home in the area you’re wanting to vacation in. Your nucleus accumbens is activated in the brain, and you FEEL the “pleasure” which naturally activates “positive energies”.

In short: It feels good.


Gains & Losses:

Whilst you’re feeling good, you’re checking out the times available and the costs. This is when your medial prefrontal cortex, which is associated with balancing gains and losses, is activated. You notice that the house would be available at exactly the right date that you’ll be able to take leave and the price is totally affordable!

Your energy stays in a positive state.



But then a limiting belief is triggered and the insula, a part of the brain that registers pain, is activated. Your subconscious brings up limiting beliefs of “not deserving” or “not feeling good enough”. And you start to question whether hiring a house for the family holiday is such a good idea. Although you can afford the holiday home now, that money could be used for a college fund for your kids or the rent for the next 4 months.

Who do you think wins this battle? 9-times-out-of-10… the Insula wins! Despite the Pleasure and Gains being on a high energetic level. The Insula will pull you down and make the decision to not go on the family holiday trip.

And these are the thought patterns that your Soul clients are going through when you present them with your products and/or services. A constant back and forth between “Pleasure and Pain”. It’s during this time from start-to-finish, that’s it’s important for you to show up and be visible to your Soul Clients. That way they know you’re there and you’re offering them added value to help them with their buying decisions.

(Note: There really isn’t just ONE thing that’s going to fix EVERYTHING in your life. So even though you feel that your product and/or service is the be-all-end-all, I’m going to have to burst your bubble, because it isn’t).

You see your Soul Clients go through stages in their lives, and at the stage that they’re considering YOUR product and/or service is when you’re relevant to that stage in their lives (you can think of this like a “sign”…you know when you ask for a sign that this is the right choice? Well that’s kind of how your business is to your Soul Client during their K-L-T process)… and because you’re not the ONLY business offering information, you’re not guaranteed to capture your Soul Clients attention.



  1. Branding

When you create a Brand with a professional Brand Strategist, like BrandSashka, they will create your Brand Core Essence, which includes your Promise/Identity and your Values&Beliefs. These three elements (I find) are vital to your Brand to enhance the K-L-T factors. Here’s a short example…

I want you to think of three of your current favourite Brands.

Mine are:

  • Apple
  • The Feathers Ink
  • Flow Magazine

Now I want you to think of WHY they’re your favourite

  • Apple: the design, intuitive logic when working, the creativity, the rounded edges
  • The Feathers Ink: detail to design, small details, packaging, client service
  • Flow Magazine: design, creative, different, keeps you thinking and on your toes

Now do you see a pattern in the brands that I like?

  • Creative
  • Design
  • Different
  • Packaging
  • Intuitive

These are all value elements that connect me to my fav brands. And when the BRANDING communicates these elements, I’m already attracted 98% to their marketing, because it “speaks my language”. Your Branding will NEVER EVER appeal to any-and everyone. Only to your Soul Clients. Which is why, you should focus on speaking and writing their language. Supplying them with content that is going to be of such value because it’s what they’re asking for.

So in order to capture your Soul Clients attention, ensure that your Branding is communicating your Values & Beliefs. (As for the Brand Core Essence: Promise and Identity … this will be a different article for a different time)..

  1. Framework

Now once a brand has captured my attention, I’m in that frame-of-mind to want to know more about you or whatever it is you’re selling. This is where you need to ensure that your marketing and communications platform is rock-solid to support my enquiries.

  • Website: Have you made it clear to me what packages you’re selling? Have you set up an About page so I can find out more about you? Where can I contact you, or find out more about you and your work without having to buy something NOW?
  • Blog: Are you sharing your THOUGHT LEADERSHIP content or just some blah-blah? There are a gazillion entrepreneurs like you out there in the world. And although you’re setting intentions to attract your Soul Client, you need to make it easy for them to recognize that the two of you speak the same language and share the same passion for content.
  • Social Media platforms: Are you entertaining and educating me online? Am I finding content of yours and being reminded that you’re offering what I’m looking for?
  • Lead Magnet: I don’t want to buy something from you just yet, but would love to have something of value from you. What can you teach me whilst not being with me? For Free?
  • Email Marketing: The place to build K-L-T. So many entrepreneurs use this for “campaigns” only. Or sharing a few blog posts. There is no added value being shared in the email marketing. Only sales.
  • Bloody brilliant content marketing starring YOU as the THOUGHT leader: Put on your thinking cap on how YOU would love to get to know a company whose products and/or services you find cool and are considering buying. People buy from people, and everyone loves a good leader with thoughts that make you think and help you grow inconspicuously. What content can you provide that surpasses the noise out there and that’ll benefit your SOUL CLIENT?



Now as a special treat, I’ve put together an idea as a KLT process when it comes to Email marketing, using your Website and Blog.

Let’s say you’re a supplier of gorgeous Jewellery components, which can be used in so many different market segments (for the purpose of this example, I’m going to focus on the Dance segment).

Step One: Freebie (Lead Magnet) – For example a color chart of all the components available to give you an overview

Step Two: Lead to Email Marketing (Segment or Sequence or List)

Step Three: Welcome Email with Freebie

Step Four: (alternative) Welcome Email and then the next day the Freebie

Step Five: A few days later an email with a link to a blog post about why the color Topaz in the size ss16 is so valued in the Dance world (Link to blog post on website)

Step Six: Post a few posts in your Social Media to enhance your Brand and its recognition

Step Seven: A new blog post in your email all about how the color Topaz with the new special XYZ cut has wowed the London Fashion Week (link to Blog post on website). In the blog post, add a video that you’ve created about upcoming designs using the elements using the colour Topaz (although other colors are also available)

Step Eight: A few days later an email about an Upsell (Discount or Special or upcoming Dance Sponsorship/Event), involving the color Topaz in ss16 size.

Step Nine: Social posts on your page, group and other groups about the color Topaz and its value in the Dance world. Spark up conversations and ask what members of the group think of the color Topaz? Or has anyone competed in a dance competition and what design stuck in their minds? (btw: that could be a blog post too: what dancewear designs are dominating the market at the moment and how your components will bling them to bling-heaven).

Download infographic – no sign-up required

As you can see, building the KLT process isn’t a super “easy” process but SIMPLE. It only requires a FRAMEWORK which needs to be implemented.

And this happens – as always – STEP-BY-STEP 🙂

Building a relationship with your Soul Client can be such fun – instead of the “hard work”. Remember to put Purpose-Over-Profit and you’re on the right track. How?

  1. Set your intention of calling in your Soul Clients (they are looking for you)… only you’re hiding behind all the mechanics and “too busy being busy” to put your ideas into action to ATTRACT your clients.
  2. See and visualize your Soul Clients – the conversations you’ll have – the laughs – the FEELING. Welcome this into your energetic field.
  3. Ask your guides or angels whilst meditating or taking a walk out in nature (or wherever your zone to receive ideas is), to give you a starting point – a feeling.
  4. Once you get this – create your Campaign of KLT around your Soul Brand Marketing Framework.
  5. And execute. With the intentions.
  6. And remember: just because it didn’t happen overnight, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Wait till the time is up. And never ever give up

That’s all for now folks! I trust you enjoyed that? If so, please do leave a few comments below and let me know what your biggest take-away was/is.


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