How to build a brand that influences generations

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UK’s leading 3D to 5D Mentor and Coach for Visionary Believers.

Learn today how this long-standing business owner, realised that her business and message was stagnant. Her solution was to be VISIBLE with an eye-catching website and popping branding. What was to be a quick-fix website development, turned into a two-year relationship that turned this no-name brand into an unforgettable brand leader. Want to know how and why? Then read this exclusive case study.


Duration of this process: August 2017 through to June 2019 (not one week eh?)

What was the process?: My methodology Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing®

What were the boundaries?: Herself

What accountability was implemented?: Sister-and Brotherhood

What was delivered?: Life Purpose, Marketing Strategy (Soul Group, Soul Clients, Strategy – that is a Plan of Action, Communications Strategy – how and what to communicate during a launch campaign, Marketing Tools – Which social media platforms and doing what? Website, Branding including Logo, Visual Strategy – Photoshoot

The Beginnings

Both Jo and I met via a Linkedin connection, August 2017, Jo’s been in business since 2009

Her business name at this stage was: New Life Path

All our calls took place over Skype Audio, we had not ‘seen’ one another for at least 6 months of our calls.

Jo had no Branding, no strategy, no marketing but over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the craft that she mastered.

The Process

I took Jo through my Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® methodology. Which is 70% Psychology, 20% Marketing (Conventional) and 10% Clairaudient/sentient talents (I can see and hear messages from ‘wherever’ that assist me with your Life Purpose).

We started with my Questionnaires to get the BIG PICTURE of where you are now and through my Clairaudient and sentient talents, I am able to see the big picture of where you’re GOING.

Once we’ve worked on the questionnaires, we start with Phase One: Your Life Purpose.

This is independent of your profession(s) and your identity. This is ALL about why you are here on earth at this time and what ‘new world’ you’re to create for your Soul Group.

This gets put to the TEST to ensure that you 100% in alignment and BELIEF of your calling.

Once this is done we work on Phase 2: Your actual BUSINESS. That is; the conventional Marketing Mix which is Product, Price, Promotion and Place. I’ve added to this People and Purpose.

We work on what products and/or services you’re to be selling.

Where it will be distributed with what communication strategy and at what price. My area of expertise is to then fill the gap between running a business and creating a Brand that influences generations. This is Phase 3: That is how you create your own signature methodology – using your Life Purpose – that will leave a legacy for generations to build on and challenge.

Phase 4: By knowing 100% why you’re here. And for whom, you have nothing holding you back in selling your services and/or products. Nothing. Because you’re so on fire!

And lastly Phase 5: With all the processes in place, you are not only ready but 100% aligned and confident to spread your message through speaking at events and workshops as the leading expert in your niche. Add to that writing your book, doing TEDx talks, running your own events, networking, and being called upon as the leading expert for your niche, thereby building your brand that influences the market and being seen as the expert in your field.

The Boundaries

Whenever I work with anyone, I am true to never ever change WHO you are. And in order to do this, we had to work on WHO you are and then set those boundaries. So that you knew that no matter what, who you were without a shadow of a doubt and that no-one could shake you – not even yourself.

The Accountability

What I teach does challenge your status quo. It challenges your conditioning and limiting beliefs. One thing I don’t work on is your mindset – I am not a mindset coach or mentor.

Whilst you’re going through these challenging moments, I hold the net to catch you. What does this look like?

Well, Jo can confirm this, that when I gave her tasks to do, she rebelled and pushed against me. The resistance was real. She cursed me from a dizzy height and would sometimes just ‘disappear’.

Most would take this personally. But I knew that with our relationship we’d built, and Jo did confirm too, that because of her life and things going on in it, I would trigger her with the tasks because it meant stepping out of her zone of negative habits, especially where she felt she had to be ‘perfect’ to get things done, which is the opposite of what I teach which is DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!

Sometimes we need to go away to come back. This is why my process takes so long and isn’t a quick fix.

We are building a new world that YOU were called to build. This is NOT done in a few weeks and less than 40 hours. Visionaries aren’t ordinary people – they are the ones who move and shake the world with a specific calling.

And this is what my accountability supports.

The space where you curse the Universe, God and who else all with “WHY ME?! Why can’t I just be ‘normal’ like everyone else? Employed, earning a normal salary? Why ME?”

It’s in this space that you need the most accountability and support. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Task

Everyone comes to me with the ‘problem’ of VISIBILITY i.e. I need a website to share my message or I need Branding to show my personality.

I always dig deep to find that the WANT is always different to the CORE DESIRE, which, in this case, was for Jo to find her MESSAGE, her purpose, put it into a language that her audience would understand and really show her truth through being visible and standing her ground as THE expert in her field. Kindof like ‘coming out of the closet’ as the Leader she was born to be.

The Task at hand was Jo’s MESSAGING.

It’s all good and well to design some gorgeous looking items but if you aren’t clear on your messaging to your audience then all those elements fall flat.

Jo says: “In 2009, I was creating a business that incorporated so many areas that I then simplified but I had no idea how to put out into the world. How was I to bring the system that I had simplified that had really been brewing from my life experience and business into the world, professionally and spread that to a further audience in a way that I really loved.

I was working 1:1 and had experimented with groups and I wanted to reach a larger audience online and run retreats.

When I met Sashka I had a massive chunk of material and she helped me shift and sort through that. Before meeting Sashka via LinkedIn – I needed someone to look at what I had done from a higher perspective and bring it into a new website and a concept to help me actually carry that concept forward.

How on EARTH am I going to find someone who gets me and can strategise the marketing, branding and website?? And be the person who can get me and my weirdness. There was another male branding strategist that crossed my path who’s messaging I didn’t quite resonate with – this guy allowed me to ask the question – is there someone like Sashka out there? Through Linkedin, we started chatting online very conversationally – I jokingly asked ‘don’t  suppose you build websites do you’ and she says YES and I also strategise your marketing and branding. She said – I can Brand Your Soul® and it was the answer to my intentions”.

The Need For A Solution

Jo says: “I knew Sashka was intuitively the right person. But doubt always creeps in right? So, I went on her website and saw her fees. It had been the biggest investment I had made in my business and myself. Sashka does NOT like you to get yourself into debt to work with her – you need to know that you can manage the duration of the process because it WILL bring results – she’s in this for the long-run.

So, I took the risk on myself. It was a definite YES but I had to go through the pricing process and tell myself that I and my business was worth it. I knew if I had asked someone about the money investment they would have got in my way from making the decision. Most important when evaluating the decision, I asked myself what felt right and knew I can’t not do it”.

Which led me to the next phase: In order to tell a compelling story, you need context. That helps match your need with your solution. Here are some questions that were asked:

  • What challenges and objectives led you to look for a solution?
  • What might have happened if you did not identify a solution?
  • Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

Jo says: “I was so stuck in what I had that I could not orchestrate or order it, I had no idea what to do although I did know the WHAT. If I hadn’t found Sashka then it would have cost me a HELLUVA lot more money and a helluva lot more time. YEARS MORE. It’s taken me 2 years to really own what I  am doing working with Sashka. Not only did I reach my goal – I am getting SO much more (from working with Sashka) – I wouldn’t have pushed myself as much and wouldn’t have had what Sashka helped me find as she dug deep into my soul literally and pulled it out.

I wouldn’t have the brand I have now.
I got as far as I could on my own.

She (Sashka) just fed back what I did – I was so sick of trying to explain and understand it that I got bored with it. Sashka ignited excitement in what I did again – it was amazing, she bought fire back into it. We co-created everything – and she was very patient with me working towards the deadlines to get FREE training and the website out there. I had meltdowns throughout the process and I pushed myself beyond limits and barriers that I would have never done on my own. The website launched in January, I started advertising then and the process started 4 months previously”.

Did that meet your expectations?

Jo says: “I cried when I saw the website – it was like seeing my HEART online. It made everything worth it. Even just doing my audios for the site. It was so much more powerful than any personal development or coaching I had done previously. I was finally HEARD and my BRAND was out there. Sashka got my concept and she wanted it to be great. And it was the best experience of my life.

The Solution in Action

Jo says: “When the website was up – I had to work on Phase 2 of my brand development – working on my Elements; Oxygen and Iron was uploaded in June 2018, Fire and Ocean was coming but I couldn’t get it out there!!


Jo says: “Sashka being there in different ways was what I needed; the retreats, the social media strategy, the website and brand development and then I could finally go online and comfortable in getting visible.

Once I got more comfortable doing the lives from September to June 2019 and attending Sashka’s Brand Building Retreat in June 2019 (one year later) – I  finally was knowing who I was and how I wanted to roll it out. Really honing that information and going through the system again – I was like FINALLY, I get it!

20 months working through the methodology. That’s what it took. No rushing. Learning. Absorbing, Growing.

I could see the value I was providing, especially with powerful strong sisterhood at the 2018 and 2019 Retreat, and the like-minded women Sashka attracted onto the retreat showed me the power of what I was doing – I was seeing the proof of my marketing in the women in the retreat.

I  was a woman on fire.

I knew who my SOUL GROUP was and I felt FREE to talk about it and have fun with it. It was MINE and I was owning it. I was finally stepping into my calling as a Creative Visionary Leader creating a new world for my Soul Group.

If you build it they will come – “Field of dreams” –  he (Kevin Costner) builds it (the baseball field) and people come. The best outcome I could ever have:

  1. Was to be in a position I am in today
  2. The numbers are people that are coming to my free group
  3. 2 books on the way
  4. 1 collaborative book coming in July 2019
  5. Planning Retreats
  6. Products for the different Soul Clients
  7. Speaking Engagements using my Life Purpose as the focus and not just my profession
  8. Sister and Brotherhood because you cannot rise on your own – you need a Soul Group
  9. A Brand that is influencing generations using my Life Purpose and me as a Creative Visionary Leader”.

So what is it that I do?

I round up the HERD Leaders who’ve tamed their wild energies for the masses who’ve considered their power as weird, even though they believe in what they do and are here for. I get them to see their ability to lead from a 5D world as opposed to a 3D one and the powers that they have locked up and dimmed within themselves, as these will catapult them to connecting with their inner synergy of both worlds. To be AND do as the powerful soul being that they were created to be.

I do this through my Inner Synergy methodology.
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Building a brand that is going to influence generations is not a quick-fix, it’s a process as you can see. You’re either in it for the long-haul or just doing a hobby. When you build a business and a brand, these are the FIVE most important steps you HAVE to have figured out – and this without a shadow of doubt because this is what keeps you in the run on the long-haul.

Belief in what you were born to lead. Your PURPOSE (not your profession)

Who your Soul Group is – these are the group that you are leading and who mutually benefit from one another. You cannot rise alone.

Action: Everything on paper is nice but without action, you’re just accumulating knowledge.

Momentum: When the ball starts rolling, you can keep up with the pace without being overwhelmed because you know what you are here for and how you’ll be making things work – planned and spontaneous.


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