taking the leap?

Have you been playing with the idea of what it means to run or start a business as an additional income stream, intrapreneurial expansion or a new career path?



You’re an expert in your field: You could be a C-suite Manager, a Masters Student, or Employed as a Senior Professional?

You’re looking for comprehensive business information without spending years or months on a course, to get you moving forward with clarity and surety?

You have a few ideas but want to confirm that they’re not too crazy?

You’re seeking professional guidance from a successful and reputable source that’s not within the system but understands the system and has created success within and around the system?

You want to avoid getting off to a rocky start?

then you're in the right place, with the
sbm® 2 day seminar!

SBM® is an accredited methodology that is grounded in business economics, psychology, science and philosophy.
The SBM® seminar will help you not only build the most essential building blocks for understanding business
but give you a headstart towards entering your market with confidence and a strong strategy and plan of action to succeed.

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We'll dive into the most essential questions for starting your business: Are you ready for self-employment? Do you have what it takes? What risks lie ahead?
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SBM® Methodology

Building your foundation for your business including your Purpose, Why, Values, Vision, Mission and Target Audience
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Applying your SBM® foundation for your marketing world: Introduction to the world of 5P’s and how to establish yours
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What is your USP? What will make you stand out from others in your market?
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You’ve reached a point in your life and career. You want to achieve something significant and break free of mediocrity. You have been a diligent student always learning, and you’ve completed many MANY courses, degrees and perhaps even a Masters and/or PhD. And yet you’re still searching for that ‘thing’ that’s going to get to where you’re aiming to be.

At BrandSashka, we refer to you as a Creative Visionary. You’re innovative, creative in your thinking and problem solving, you have a gazillion brilliant business ideas, that you know can be of much use to the human race, and the  more ideas you have, the more you know you have to study or learn to get it off the ground. You’re a good person, grounded, humble, people-friendly, perhaps (still) a people-pleaser and strong empath. You’re highly (emotionally) intelligent and possibly a HSP. 

You will do well in this seminar when you’re for strong and critical feedback that understands who you are and where you want to go in life and career. You appreciate learning from others who’ve been-there-done-that, without having an air about it and know how to teach you the ropes without influencing your individuality.

This 2-day seminar, will get you thinking and then assessing the exact points that you need to work on to get that goal of yours in action and profitable.

this is what professionals are saying..

"sashka is anything but typical!
expect the unexpected and
get ready to think out-of-the-box!"

brandsashka has over 35 Years’ Experience of Building and Marketing Global Creative Visionary Businesses and Brands.

EduTainer & lecturer

The Performing Strategist

Award-winning performer, and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein and Salzburg, Austria. Sashka guarantees to not only entertain your audience but educate on the specialized topics of Communication, Purpose, Consumer Psychology, Growth Marketing, Business & Brand Building, Marketing, Strategy, and more.

Future Forward Hub

Podcast & Events
The space to be a part of the community, where the stage is set for regular people implementing extraordinary change, are conversing on 5x of the World Health Organisation’s Global Goals.

Workshops & Retreats

Brand & Business Building

Regular on-and-offline workshops and retreats are being organized and planned. Be sure to get on the ‘news and more’ subscriber list to find out more!

as seen in

our FOUR core areas for brand & business building


We specialize in custom growth and scale strategies, as well as beyond-the-obvious promotion campaigns to build engaged communities online and offline, as well as targeted and financial ROI on lead generation conversions.

digital marketing

Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing & Management, Content Creator/Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & Funnel/Flywheel Conversions.

visual branding

Designing and Developing your Brand from scratch and/or re-branding (Logo, Colours, fonts, Mood board, visual Templates, CI Manual).

brand authority

Building long-term relationships with the media, podcasters, and event organizers seeking thought leaders to speak and/or be represented in the media.

What does the two day seminar cost?

Seminar cost ist Euro 2.000 + 20% VAT = Total costs for payment: Euro 2.400

Are you wanting to pay in 3x instalments? Not a problem! This is as follows:
Payment One immediately: Euro 1.400
Payment Two (within 3 weeks): Euro 500
Payment Three (within 3 weeks from payment two): Euro 500

Do I receive a proof of attendance?

You receive a certificate of completion of the SBM(r) methodology and permission to use the BrandSashka logo (SBM®) logo on your website

Where is the seminar held?

Please check the locations allocated to each seminar date.

Seminars take place worldwide.

The seminar is a little pricey...

This Seminar is like no other and ensures that you, a busy professional and expert, get a realistic, practical and profitable headstart into the world of entrepreneurship, without spending 3-6 months on a course or studying a degree.

As an expert in your field, you’ve gained many years of experience. You’ve sat through many workshops, lectures, coachings and management meetings. You know how this all works.

However, now you’ll be doing it for you. That means you’ll be wearing all the hats. That is a big responsibility, and one which you want to carefully think through and brainstorm with experienced kin who too want to venture into self-employment but don’t want to get their fingers burned too soon, because you want to be successful.

This Seminar will not disappoint. It delivers a holistic perspective of Entrepreneurship that challenges the status quo and ensures your profitable success.

Refund policy

We understand that there can be a complication that hinders you attending the course after payment. However, there is no refund on already paid seminars. Contact Headquarters to re-schedule the course or gift it to someone.


Here you’ll find the link to the press release for the SBM® 2 day seminar held by BrandSashka.