you keep hearing the calling to do something with your life ...
but how? and what?

Set aside two full days dedicated entirely to you. This is your opportunity to quiet that persistent voice inside and finally take action.

AND STOP ALL THE excuseS  ...

Why This 2-Day Seminar?

There’s nothing like it in such a short time to get you from stuck to moving forward exponentially.

Also …You’re Not Alone: Join a group of like-minded creative visionaries ready to support and inspire each other. You’ll also work one-on-one with leading business and life strategist, Sashka Regina. Sashka is renowned for her unstoppable belief that where there is a will, there is a way. She’s an acclaimed entertainer, serial entrepreneur, lecturer, international speaker, author, and behavioral psychologist.

Patented SBM® Methodology: Sashka will guide you through her unique and patented SBM® methodology, designed to help you discover your key elements for starting a new idea or venture. This method leverages all your talents, gifts, and experiences to create a clear action plan.

Practical Application: It’s not just about learning; it’s about doing. Through live and practical case studies, you’ll transform knowledge into action.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Action Plan: A detailed plan outlining what you’ll do, how you’ll do it, for whom, and why.
  • Support Group: Connect with a newfound support group of motivated individuals on the same journey.
  • Certificate: Receive an attendance certificate after completing the 2-day SBM® seminar.
  • Follow-Up Call: Benefit from a momentum follow-up call to keep you on track.
  • Self-Awareness: Gain a new awareness of your capabilities and become a beacon of inspiration for others.


What’s Holding You Back?

We understand the excuses:

  • The kids aren’t old enough.
  • My partner won’t approve.
  • There isn’t enough time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • I’m not clever enough.


But now, it’s time to leave these excuses behind and focus on your growth and happiness.

diarise 21 & 22 september 2024

Event Details:

  • Date: September 21 & 22, 2024
  • Participants: Minimum of 10 creative visionaries
  • Includes: Life coaching (some therapy*) and business mastery with live case studies
  • Location: [In Tirol, Austria – secret location tba]
  • Held in both German AND English


Register Now

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take control of your future and answer your true calling. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and start your journey towards a fulfilling and passionate life.

SBM® is an accredited methodology that’s grounded in business economics, psychology, science and philosophy. The SBM® seminar will help you not only build the most essential building blocks for understanding business but give you a headstart towards entering your market with confidence and a strong strategy and plan of action to succeed.

event highlights!


Career Direction

Following Your Intuition Embark on a journey of self-discovery and intuitive decision-making. Learn to trust your instincts and pave the way for a fulfilling career path.


Transformation Foundation using SBM®

Unlock the secrets to personal transformation using our exclusive SBM® (Success Building Methodology). Lay the foundation for a future filled with purpose and accomplishment.


The Art of Marketing: Building Your Future Career

Discover how the art of marketing can propel your career forward. Gain insights into effective strategies that will set you apart in today's competitive landscape.


Your USP: What Makes You So Special?

Uncover the unique qualities that make you stand out. Learn to articulate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and leave a lasting impression in your personal and professional endeavors.

ready for your life to awaken and take centre stage?

Your takeaways with this exclusive seminar:

🌟 Embrace Your Multi-Passionate Nature: Discover how your diverse interests can be the fuel for your success. It’s not about limiting yourself; it’s about channeling your passions effectively.

🤝 Build a Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who understand the highs and lows of being a creative visionary. No more feeling alone or misunderstood – your tribe awaits.

🚀 Overcome the Fear of the Unknown: We provide tools and strategies to help you navigate uncertainty. It’s time to turn fear into fuel and make decisions with confidence.

🎓 Career Guidance: Unsure about your career direction? Explore the possibilities of self-employment or intrapreneurship. Learn how to showcase your talents without the fear of judgment.

🔥 Transform Ideas into Impact: We guide you in turning your ideas into tangible results. No more starting and stopping – it’s time to see your dreams come to life.

👥 Join the Leap Community: Become part of a community where big dreams are not only welcomed but celebrated. Connect, collaborate, and thrive with others who understand and appreciate your unique journey.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Take the leap, and let’s change your life today! 🚀✨

over 35 Years’ Experience of Building and Marketing Global Creative Visionary Businesses and Brands.

Introducing Sashka Regina: CEO and Founder of Take the Leap – Change Your Life Today!

Sashka Regina is not your average entrepreneur; she’s a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and inspiration. As the leading Life and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries, Sashka has left an indelible mark on the world through her multifaceted talents.

An award-winning entertainer, International Speaker, University Lecturer, Behaviour Psychologist, Author, Podcaster, and Serial Entrepreneur, Sashka is a force to be reckoned with in the world of personal and professional development.

At the heart of Sashka’s mission is her revolutionary SBM® patented methodology. This groundbreaking approach empowers Creative Visionaries to Take the Leap and transform their lives, turning the elusive ‘maybe one day’ into a resounding Day One! With a keen focus on bridging the gap between dreams and reality, Sashka’s methodology has garnered acclaim for its effectiveness in guiding individuals towards their true potential.

Sashka Regina’s expertise extends beyond her innovative methodology. Her insights into communication, brand building, life and reality design, and successful business management through Growth Marketing have made her a sought-after expert. Her media presence spans both local and international platforms, where she shares wisdom on navigating the complexities of modern life and business.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sashka is a vibrant individual with a zest for life. You can catch her showcasing her dance moves on TikTok, a testament to her love for dance. When not on the dance floor, she prefers immersing herself in audiobooks, seeking adventure beyond her comfort zone, networking, and meeting new people. Sashka cherishes quality time with her three children and immediate family, often combining her love for travel with the pursuit of new experiences and the creation of beautiful memories.

Sashka Regina’s Take the Leap – Change Your Life Today! campaign is not just a business venture; it’s a manifestation of her commitment to helping individuals break free from the constraints holding them back. Join Sashka on this transformative journey and let her guide you towards a future where your dreams become your reality.

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this is what professionals are saying..

"sashka is anything but typical!
expect the unexpected and
get ready to think out-of-the-box!"



21 & 22 September 2024 (offline) in the Tyrolean Alps

What does the two day seminar cost?

Seminar cost ist Euro 1555,- + 20% VAT 

EARLY BIRD is Euro 1111,- + 20% VAT 

Do I receive a proof of attendance?

You receive a certificate of completion of the SBM® methodology and permission to use the BrandSashka logo (SBM®) logo on your website

Where is the seminar held?

Please check the locations allocated to each seminar date.

Seminars take place worldwide.

Refund policy

We understand that there can be a complication that hinders you attending the course after payment. However, there is no refund on already paid seminars. Contact Headquarters to re-schedule the course or gift it to someone.


Here you’ll find the link to the press release for the SBM® 2 day seminar held by BrandSashka.