How To Breakthrough The White Noise As A Visionary!

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These are such exciting times to be an entrepreneur!
As business owners, we have more opportunities available to us than we ever could have dreamed up. 

Would you have ever thought of yourself being here…, today, running the business you’re running? 

I can surely attest that I had never ever thought I would be here today, as one of the worlds’ leading Business and Brand Strategists, an Author, Speaker, Business Investor and Growth Hacker, that works with Visionaries all over the world. The only dream I ever had was becoming a famous Hollywood actress, much the same as Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Sophia Loren and James Bond. 

But I am pretty sure that whatever our dream was and whatever business we’re successfully leading right now, we can all agree that cutting through the white noise in our market is a task-and-a-half!

Not only are our minds being constantly bombarded by messaging from brands and social media, but our audience too. Brands have a better chance of keeping the attention of a goldfish than their targeted consumer of late.

Our “always on” culture, complete with the enormous pressure of the expectation of instant responses, affects everything from the quality of our sleep to the depth of our relationships.

Breaking through white noise isn’t always an easy feat. Which isn’t to say it isn’t doable.

As you know, as a Visionary we like to think out-of-the-box, which is why we’re always coming up with innovative ideas to get our important messages across to our audience, without it being  overwhelming.

One thing is for sure, is that the best tool right now for a Business Owner and their marketing, is to ensure that they are online, as well as offline. In a recent article by Fast Company on the future of marketing trends over the next five years, the opportunities are many. They confirmed that mobile will enable more personal interactions between brands and people. 

We know that the number one possession people have is their smartphone and there are more mobile devices than people on the planet. Mobile interactions is the way people stay connected with friends and brands. This too is very evident during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, that continues to shake the world and keeps the world informed and ‘together’ despite social (spatial) distancing.

Cutting through white noise to ensure your brand is seen-and-heard and can build know, like, trust authenticity. 

This ensures that you have a two-way conversation happening and giving your consumers a voice. Mobile offers brands the ability to track individual consumer behavior in real-time, which they can use to tailor the experience for that specific person and their specific behaviors on a mass scale. 

Once you do cut through that white noise, you have to ensure that your brand is transparent and walks-the-talk as an authentic brand that does good. Fast Company says in their article:

Transparency is the new black. Consumers expect more information from the brands they use and they expect brands to do good. They want to know who they are and what they stand for. They reward companies that have similar values and ask questions, “Is the brand good for me (the consumer) and good for we (society as a whole)?” Brands have to be more transparent in a genuine and authentic way – —to live and demonstrate their values,—they need to walk- the- talk. 

The job of being a marketer in 2020 is undoubtedly more difficult than it was 20 years ago. The proliferation of channels, markets, and, importantly, incomes in emerging markets around the world, has made marketing a complex discipline. While this is a big challenge, it’s also a good problem to have, doing good will be good for business. 

People will reward brands who do good, and punish the ones who don’t. Brand citizenship will move from a defensive, corporate affairs function to a marketing function that drives transactions at scale and creates advantages for companies in the talent wars.



who is cutting through the noise as a Visionary Entrepreneur, using well-known marketing tools but ensuring that the audience is honoured by not providing ‘boring, glaze-over’ content. 

Introducing Jenni Parker Brown – Founder of The Trinity Code and the House of Preeminence.

Jenni P shares a monthly platform and magazine founded to epitomize and catalyse the exponential success of this new generation of mission-driven women leaders.

Intention: In the spirit of enlightened female collaboration, it is Jenni’s desire to propose a ‘pattern interrupt’ on the saturated and somewhat diluted personal development market, along with the ‘white noise’ of business gurudom, which has lulled many promising entrepreneurs into a pecuniary and energetic torpor. 

For these unfortunate souls, it is Jenni’s passionate intention to represent and showcase the highest quality, paradigm-changing and perennial influencers. The magazine will be founded on 7 to 9 (maximum) core columnists/contributors, selected for their relevant area of expertise, distinct and pertinent to this new paradigm.

Monthly guests contributors will be invited or may apply under conditions, in order to complement the topics covered and extend the readership reach of the magazine. Along with business and marketing, the magazine will highlight personal transformation and achievement, in all its modern expansive glory, travel, lifestyle, speaking, arts of the table, beauty and well-being.

The magazine has ‘themes’ according to Preeminent Principles as opposed to the usual ‘lifestyle, fashion sections in magazines’.

These include:


“An Interview with Jenni Parker Brown”

BrandSashka (BS): Why a magazine? Isn’t this contributing to the ‘white noise’ of content on the web currently?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): There is ‘content’ and there is communication. 

There is ‘information’ and there is inspiration.
There is education and there is motivation.
There is entertainment and there is entertainment that moves the mind and lifts the soul.

There is white noise and there is ‘The Bigger Picture’ (essential for ambitious and creative visionaries!)!  The key word here is MOVE.
People will not implement anything that does not move or stimulate their emotions in such a way that life will never be the same again.

Digital media allows for a convenient way to communicate ‘The Bigger Picture’ in an inspiring, motivating and truly entertaining way. So that visionaries become DISCERNING and clear about the priority and focus that will best serve their highest vision.
(Gaaawd, I could go on and on about that!!) 

People are tired of white noise content that does not advance them, but they will never get tired of human stories, beautiful pictures and uplifting ideas and the example of inspirational leaders. I’ve put it all together in the House of Preeminence. It’s more than a magazine, Preeminence is a way of Being.


BrandSashka (BS): What is the Trinity Code™?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): The Trinity Code™ is the name I gave to a simple but uber-powerful methodology that is founded on Universal Principles, way deeper than the Law of Attraction. It is based on the ‘power of three’ and ‘rule of three’, that determines the structure of the physical world but also the world of (thought and) consciousness. That sounds deep but it’s actually incredibly simple. It’s a pattern that is also a template for unlocking our unlimited human potential. It’s origin lies in every part of the natural, scientific, biological and cultural world. It explains the way our desires and dreams are connected with our experience of life and business.

But it’s a very practical tool that gives rise to absolute clarity (essential in this white noise time!) and the ability to accelerate our visions and dreams, way beyond the traditional stuff of goal-setting, mindset, affirmations, yadah, yadah. It is a synergy of three things: 

  1. My life’s experience, 
  2. Thorough research in science and history
  3. A profound understanding of what our genius potential is or rather, how we are born for greatness.


BrandSashka (BS): What do you mean by 1+1=3?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): This is quantum mathematics of the heart. Let me explain. When one person collaborates with another from a self interested way, all you have is win-win. Each person gets what they want or not. 1+1=2
When you collaborate with another with an equal desire for the satisfaction or happiness of that other (with heart), as your own satisfaction or happiness, it creates a dynamic far greater  than either of you could have achieved alone.

Two people engaged with heart, for themselves AND the other creates a BIGGER DYNAMIC. This always has a ‘ripple effect’ of benefits that spreads out to touch other people, –  1+1=3 – A win-win -win! As a principle for collaborations, joint ventures and especially relationships, this principle lays the ground lines for inspired co-creating and enduring harmony! 

This is also an ethic for sales! There must be a quantum heart dynamic in the exchange  of money for value (offers and services) for each one to feel valued, inspired and, expanded in some way! For example; just think of all the flipping training programs or coaching we have followed, that never felt like it had our best interests at its heart!
Or worse still we felt cheated in some way.

No 1+1=3 there. 1+1=3 is the foundation of ethical marketing.


BrandSashka (BS): How did you choose the contributors for the House of Preeminence?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): I’ve been around professional leaders in the entrepreneurial world for 10 years and observed what is ethical and visionary or not. What works and what doesn’t. Been there, spent thousands and thousands and worn the t-shirt which didn’t suit me! I’ve been a victim of the white noise and also of being ‘star-struck’ by other people in financially superior places, only to realise how much of it is BS. I chose my experts because they represent Preeminence in their field of expertise, but also that they understood that the dynamic of 1+1=3.

It is a fundamental part of the success of the magazine. I have known most of them a long time so our relationship already had quantum math foundations! I also chose contributors who are pioneering new ways to serve. I’m a visionary! It’s vital for me to collaborate with pioneering peers and bold new voices that are cutting through the noise, and having results!


BrandSashka (BS): What is it that you’re wanting to achieve with this magazine?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): The magazine and titan business information platform ‘Forbes’ has become ‘The Ultimate Reference’ of what determines success in business. Vogue has long been ‘The Ultimate Reference’ of what is style and beauty. I’d like to say If Forbes met Vogue and they had a child, it would be House of Preeminence, LOL. I’d also like to say it’s part Business Oracle (that which signposts the future), part Feminine High Performance Guide, and part Runway! Because that old success model doesn’t work for visionaries, nor many women. It’s a very corporate and masculine model. And Vogue is pretty but most women can’t wear what’s in it. It’s to make designers look good. 

It’s time to re-define what success is! It’s time to re-define what style is beyond fashion and trends. For me “Style is a philosophy and way of being”.  

So it follows that Preeminence is just that!

I want to create a brand new reference for success and fulfilment that is relevant to the new paradigm. Relevant to this current world. Relevant to our challenges, but also our learning. Relevant to the upcoming generations!

I want to create a brand new reference for success, that takes account of the health and well-being of our beloved planet and its people. I want to raise the bar on personal transformation, with leading edge ideas.

I want to bring back the truth that we are here to fulfil our wildest dreams. That we have the power to do so!.


BrandSashka (BS): Who are the readers of this magazine?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): Ambitious, visionary women entrepreneurs on a mission who will not compromise any part of their life to fulfill their personal potential as well as truly making a difference.

BrandSashka (BS):
What problem are you solving?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): Cutting through the white noise! LOL

Leading the above entrepreneurs out of stuckness, out of world crisis challenges, out of the fog of overwhelm, out of any perceived limitations, out the bitter frustration of under-achieving and under-potential, out of that worst of all sins, APATHY. This more than anything else is the reason women, and men come to that, die with their dreams inside them. All the information exists in the world for us to do anything we want in this world of unlimited possibilities. But APATHY is a killer virus because it spreads and infects people lives and takes over their minds!

My mission, if not to kill that virus is at least,  to offer an anti-dote to it.

BrandSashka (BS):
Have you always been into the field of creativity? Or is the magazine a once-off idea?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): Creativity is in my Trinity Code™ – it’s part of who I AM.  I have created art many times but the creative process is more. It is to take what you have and to invent something that has never been done or seen before in a unique way. I never remake the same meal twice and rarely wear the same combo of clothes twice. And ideas come naturally. It’s who I AM.

BrandSashka (BS): How do you want to influence the generations to come with the House of Preeminence?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): Great question!

Preeminence is a way of being above all. It is an IDEAL that stands for each one of us becoming the best we can be, with our full potential. The way we BE attracts what we SEE. Imagine a world in which children and young people were taught that they are unlimited beings who can truly do whatever their heart desires. Imagine if they knew at the start of their life what their Trinity Code™ is, so they didn’t have to go through therapy and drama before choosing a life that sets their hearts and souls on fire. Imagine if they knew that 1+1=3 would serve to do just that! How the world would move on!


BrandSashka (BS): How are you wanting Visionaries to break through the white noise? What do you advise them?

Jenni Parker Brown (JB): I don’t think people know how to focus anymore, by the pandemic distraction from their dreams and visions. But by learning and committing to those 8 Pillars of Preeminence, they will automatically elevate their focus, their habits, routines. They will elevate their social and connection skills. Their communication skills. They will elevate their own Genius to CEO. Making your genius your CEO will allow you to bring forth your Magnum Opus; your greatest work to the world!

How freaking exciting is that! The 8 pillars are all different aspects of Preeminence. 

Remember I said that  Preeminence is a way of Being. The way we BE attracts what we SEE, through action and implementation and focus. Focus on being preeminent and you will be rewarded with being the best in your field, standing head and shoulders above the ‘white noise’ with your message and gifts, your presence and power.

Preeminence is leadership. So Be the preeminent change to lead others. The 8 pillars are the template to do just that. They are in every issue with all the lusciousness from each preeminent expert of which you are one! Along with a Preeminence planner,  a high performance personal guide every month!



Breaking through white noise in the world’s crowded market? 

  1. Innovate: You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Listen to what the needs of your audience and market is, and innovate.
  2. Authenticity: Create what is true to you and that makes your heart sing. We are so well-informed in today’s information generation. There is no need to put on a facade to impress – just be you.
  3. Know: As an empowered and knowledgeable Visionary Entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you KNOW your audience, why, market, messaging – – that way you will ALWAYS break through the white noise, and show up as the thought leader in your industry. Not sure how? Start here (start-up business) (advanced business)
  4. And lastly, be sure to subscribe to the House of Preeminence Magazine and join the tribe of forward-thinking-Visionaries.



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