How Can You Create Brand Leadership And Does Your Brand Qualify?

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Nike, Apple, Gucci, K-Swiss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo, Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Red Bull …

These are the Brands with Leadership. The Titans that we follow and to some extent admire.

And then there’s you. A No Name brand with a few followers.

That gap between them and you seems quite humongous right?

Achieving Brand Leadership seems unachievable when you look at it from “here-to-there”.

Heck! Anything seems unachievable when it’s such a distance between one end-to-another.

But what if I asked you to look somewhere else?

To look away from the Titans and THEIR achievements and to look to you and YOUR achievements.

What if I asked you to look at the Brand Leadership that YOU want to create rather than compare yourself to the Titans and THEIR journey?

That feels different. Perhaps even achievable?

You may THINK that you don’t have that many achievements in comparison to others’ achievements. But you do. You’re just not seeing it.


Your focus sees the millions of followers your Titans have.
The millions (or gazillions) of zeroes your Titans are earning.
The worldwide exposure your Titans have received and are influencing.

But are you seeing your numbers?

How many years did it take to get that degree or education?

How many heartbreaks did you endure before finding your inner strength and voice to love yourself and be happy with you?

How many years did you please everyone around you before realising that it was you who needed pleasing?

How many years did you carry around weight that affected your health and emotions and self-worth before saying enough-is-enough and seeing you for the first time?

How many jobs have you gone through to get to where you are now – although not gazillions of zeroes earned – you’ve made it here and are still alive, if only barely.

How many loved ones are counting on you to make your dream come true because they know that if anyone can do it, it can only be you because you’ve always been the stronger one, the adventurous one, the one who gets things done?

You too have plenty of numbers rooting for you and yet, when we get into that zone of comparisonitis, we tend to overlook how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.

Isn’t it time you saw and acknowledged your numbers?

Or maybe you have, and yet you still focus on them and desire what they have.

Well, let me share something with you, the only way you can achieve your desires, is to stop looking at them as if they were you and to start looking at you and turning your thoughts into the things and desires YOU want.


You’re the one who has the courage to start your business and to earn a living from it.
You’re the one who gets up every morning wanting to make an impact in the world and change lives.
And now it’s time for you to not only own your Leadership but apply it to your brand too.

That is the gap between you and them.

They’re making it happen.

Aligning their thoughts with feeling and understanding them. And not wavering from what they want and desire.

And this dear Visionary is the FIRST step to creating your brand leadership.

BELIEVING IN YOURSELF and the impact you want to make.

Believing in yourself isn’t a given.

There are a lot of mindset bugs that have held you back from THINKING you’re not good enough: too fat, too tall, not educated enough, wrong colour, wrong sex, not enough experience, not enough not enough … And through this you often don’t know WHAT to believe IN, never mind believing in yourself or your brand.

So to help you here, I need you to ask yourself this question: What do I want to be known for? And when you’ve answered that – BELIEVE in THAT.

Maybe it changes a bit in the future.

But for now, believe in THAT. MAKE THAT happen.

That’s how Titans get to where they are because they BELIEVE in themselves.

Against ALL ODDS.

Choose to IGNORE those who say you can’t – including yourself and BELIEVE in yourself.

Everything else will fall into place. Now before we get into the 7 steps for creating your brand leadership, I need you to grab a piece of paper, open a google doc, and complete this sentence.

I am a ____ and I help people to ____.

Now write that on a post-it note and put it on your screen, write it on the fridge, make a canva image and have it as your screensaver or your phone background, start seeing it everywhere and subliminally you will begin to believe it, like truly believe it, deep inside of you.

And it will hold you accountable on those days when it feels hard, when it feels tough, it will remind you of your greater purpose.

Promise you’ll do that? Why not send me screenshots of yours? I wanna see you BELIEVE in YOU!


By applying 7 Steps.

  1. Have a Vision and Purpose
  2. A Brand
  3. A Message
  4. Experience
  5. Support
  6. Business Organisation
  7. POA


Before you work on what you’re going to SELL, work on WHY you’re doing this and for WHOM.

There will be plenty of days when you won’t love what you’re doing – that’s normal, and the only way to get yourself out of that slump, is to remind yourself of your Vision and Purpose for your Brand and business.

When you work on your Vision and Purpose you will constantly be confronted with mindset work. Reasons why you can’t. Reasons why you’re not good enough. Reasons why you’re too small a fish to do anything of significance.

These reasons why can totally throw you, which is why it’s so important to know your Life Purpose, your Vision and be focused so that you don’t get swayed and tossed all over the place.

Not sure on how to work out your Purpose and Vision? There are MANY aids to help you, but as you’re here reading this, may I offer for you to

Read my book and get my workbook with proof of purchase.


You need something to sell.

Whether it’s a product and/or services. But more importantly, your Brand needs to have a soul.

Because people buy from people. And the more bland and soul-less you make your brand to be, the less it will sell or be liked.

A brand is a reflection of your soul and your vision and purpose. It encompasses your talents, gifts and vocation and it’s your passion, creativity and imagination. The more you love building your brand and filling it up and out, the more soul it will have.  Your brand has an essence, personality, character and values that all reflect you.

So if your brand doesn’t have this now, look at YOU and fuse your brand with your soul. That’s what people buy. Not benefits and features. Too often entrepreneurs believe that a brand is just a product and/or service.

I personally believe otherwise – I believe it’s a soul (you can read more about it here).



You need to know without a shadow of a doubt what you’re doing.

When someone asks you “So what do you do? How does it work with you?” and you blurt out babble with no start and finish or nothing makes sense. Expecting that person to understand let alone your soul client is wishful thinking.

When Oprah speaks. You listen because she has something to say.
When Nelson Mandela spoke. You listened because his words had wisdom and teachings to them.
When Usain Bolt runs, you watch, because his hard work and stamina inspires you.

They all have a message.

And the message is NOT how wonderful your benefits and features are for your product and/or services. The message is deeper-wider and higher than that. It encompasses all that you are – your Vision and Purpose and it gets the listener excited and curious to want to know more.



You may think that when you’re starting out that you have no experience but really you do have experience. And often all the answers do NOT lie in studying but through trial and error and the school of life. Please avoid thinking you cannot start something or become a brand leader because you don’t have XYZ or I’ll create my brand leadership when I have earned 6 figures or when I have spoken on a TEDx stage.

Personally, I believe you should then fake it because you certainly DO have the experience (listen to my Facebook Live on this topic).

And the way to create clarity, consistency and focus for your experience is to stand on the shoulders of giants – who know their shizzle – and be clear on your message – your brand – your vision and purpose. And whilst learning to move forward and BELIEVE in yourself and your brand!



Oh this is such a big one.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

As a Visionary. Empath. Highly Sensitive soul, your energies can be here-there-and-everywhere. Which more than often leaves you feeling depleted and alone. It’s so important for you to FIND your soul group and really lean in on them. You’d be surprised at how they need you more than you need them.

Depending on what type of support you’re looking for, even if you’re not sure, why not join my Facebook group here or heck, write me here to get in touch, I may just be able to put you in contact with someone.

Support gives you good vibes and just gives you the feeling that you’re not alone and we all need that, we are after all only humans and sometimes our ego gets the better of us and we get into slumps. Reach out. This strengthens your brand and you.



One thing I see entrepreneurs doing all the time is forgetting to plan their business organisation. They always put it on hold until they can afford help.

What I advise my clients to do is draw organigrams of your organisation. Write the job descriptions. By putting these ideas and thoughts on paper you’re already bringing the positions into the forefront. You don’t need to know the how, but you do need to envision what it is you want and desire for your business to grow to the empire you desire it to become.

This includes hiring a cleaning lady to help you around the house or with the kids. Or hiring a cook. Or hiring a team to do whatever …

Because what more than often happens is that you get ahead of yourself doing everything that you sabotage your growth. You’ll want to earn so much money and want to do so much but often you cannot supply the demand. And in order to do this is to plan the organisation so you know who to delegate to so that you can make the impact you want to make.

And I promise you, before you know it, the Universe WILL support you on this. Just let it know what you want. Pretty simple right?



Your plan of action for marketing your business once all the above elements are done and dusted is to have your marketing framework (6P’s) mapped out and your branding in place.

That is your plan.

If you haven’t looked into my Branding and Marketing course – then check it out here.

Here in a nutshell the framework and remember that the focus is NOT on the product and/or service, it’s on your Vision and Purpose. To demonstrate this, I’m going to use myself as an example:

My Vision: to make the one day dream and turn it into day one action. The tools I use to assist you with this is NLP/Psychology, Brand Your Soul® (building your brand from the inside-out rather than focusing on your product and/or service first), Soul Brand Marketing® (centred around your Life Purpose), Brand Management, Web sites, Facebook Ad and Strategy Management, Workshops, Events and Speaking.

My pricing strategy is built around my soul funnels for my different soul clients and their phases.

The distribution strategy: Is built around Brand Awareness and Building Brand K-L-T (Know-like-trust) using tools such as networking on-and-offline, blog posts, media, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Adwords, my website and more.

My communications strategy is built around the Brand Awareness and Building Brand K-L-T Campaigns as well as Workshops, Events, Speaking and Collaborations.

ALL of this. Is supported with my branding.

Branding is important. It just is.

You either invest in good Branding or you lose out. When you’re attracting the media and you want to stand out for what you want to be known for, the more stroppy your branding and online presence is – reflects (even if not accurately) who you are and how you work. So those who would like to work with you or find information about you, are then pushed (or repelled) away by your first impressions aka your branding. I have seen this time and time again.

Invest in quality and quantity and the ROI will pay off.



And with all of the above steps do it DAILY. Consistently and with passion, love and fun.

That is the key.

BE in your daily consistency.

Avoid PUSHING and DOING because you have to.

Do it because you WANT to and LOVE what you do … fill your life and brand with love and passion.

That’s what your followers want from you as a Brand Leader.

That’s what inspires them.

To know that you hold the key that they believe not to have.

And whilst you’re leading and enjoying what you’re doing, your brand is shining so bright because it’s a brand with soul. With so much more than benefits and features.

In closing, I’d love to leave you with my thoughts on what qualities a leader should have which is fused with your brand, let me know your thoughts too:

  1. Communication skills
  2. You dream big and then BIGGER
  3. You have role models and you choose them wisely because you learn from them – standing on the shoulders of giants.
  4. You give unconditionally
  5. You know how to resolve conflict
  6. You persevere and never give up
  7. You know how to work in a team
  8. You have excellent decision-making skills
  9. You know the difference between Management and Leadership
  10. You understand the value of grateful
  11. You understand the difference between Risk vs Failure
  12. You’re innovative
  13. You lead by example

Ps. Your brand qualifies to be a brand leader when you decide you want to be it. Full stop.

See you at the top, my friend. I’m waiting for you.


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